TRAVEL – Monterey, CA

Morning Terrace jpegMonterey, CA Bountiful History and the Sea

History abounds at every turn in Monterey, historically known for famed fishery. The rugged coastline community has beautiful views from the sea, cypress trees and coastal mists that bring to mind landscape paintings. The bounty of the sea, dating back to when the Chinese immigrants came to test the new land – via the dangerous journey on water on their junks – fishing richly blessed the area and it grew. When the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, caused the building of Chinatown to be burned, a resettlement, referred to as Cannery Row, led to the sardine business to grow in the 1920’s. John Steinbeck’s book, Cannery Row, gives insight into the early settlers and the lifestyle of the early fishing industry.

Key points of Monterey

A result of the rich history of Monterey includes resident artists which began in the late 1800s. Additionally, Monterey is home to the Naval Postgraduate School, the Defense Language Institute, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the former Fort Ord, part of which is now the site of California State University Monterey Bay; Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Monterey American Viticulture Area; Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf and a Marine Mammal Center field station located in the area.

Historic Cannery Row, was once a raucous industrial street famous for canning sardines, and for the haunts of characters in John Steinbeck’s 1945 novel “Cannery Row.” Along the Pacific shore today are seaside explorations, shopping, dining and activities, on the ruggedly stunning shoreline of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The Monterey Peninsula’s hot spots on and around Cannery Row, boast of thirty restaurants, clubs and pubs–all within walking distance. A world-class aquarium, and hundreds of shops and activities cater to every interest, day and night. The nostalgia of the fish canning industry is still alive and holds interest and excitement.

Monterey County Wineries

Carmel Valley is home to many wineries, farms, ranches and the beautiful Garland Ranch Regional Park. This world-renowned growing region is comprised of a collection of the remarkable wineries, and the breathtaking vineyards of Monterey Wine Country. Cooling fogs and fresh breezes bring the result of , gentle ripening seasons making the region premier growing for grapes. The Salinas Valley’s fertile agricultural region is home to the National Steinbeck Center, the Steinbeck House, Wild Things, The Farm, the California Rodeo and award winning wineries.


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