TRAVEL: Experienced Hosts Share Adventure & Charm

A Toast to Travel has a mission: to create lifetime memories, experiencing wine and culture journeys that make exciting memories. They partner with 5-star hotels in the heart of Florence, exclusive wineries in Chianti, local top tables, and more, to bring the best experiences to travel seekers.  

Meet the special hosts of travel: John and Natalie

maybe 10They met in Chicago’s Gold Coast, where they are based, at a place they both frequented for years. They learned together the need and desire for the richness in traveling experiences to destinations that provide a rich history, an artist’s perspective in beauty, and the appealing invitations to experience the local foods and wines of the regions.

Additionally, their combined experience of having lived and visited in Italy and France, as well as Natalie working in international and technology law in the U.S., provided the backdrop for visiting many foreign countries. This also led to becoming fluent in Italian and French. For John, after having served in the US military and being stationed in Germany, this led him to traveling all over Europe. It further provided the opportunity to explore and learn about new cultures. Later, John would become a director of IT at a major US corporation, and this additionally afforded him the opportunity to plan and expand his experience in world-wide travels.

Night view of Florence skyline in Tuscany, Italy

Clearly, their combined backgrounds, led to desiring to focus on their rooted passion of travel together. And to take those experiences and knowledge to another level; that of sharing this passion with others

A Toast to Travel has evolved as a result, and thus fulfilling their mission to share their love of travel and living-well with others.  Notes Natalie, “We want our guests to enjoy life like we do.” As part of their journey, they make life-long friends along the way. A Toast to Travel

The Journeys – Tuscany

The stunning Italian countryside has become the epitome of La Dolce Vita. The book and movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun,” created an adventuresome love relationship of the Country. An appreciation for the rolling hills, vineyards, the quaint countryside, and the invitation to romance, led many Americans desiring to follow that path. Once drawn to the experience, the question evolved: “what is the best way to experience this charming Italian good life?”

chianti landscape.jpg


A Toast to Travel leads  in these boutique experiences. While living and travelling  in Italy, Natalie fell in love with the country and established invaluable relationships. The result included venturing out to small, high-quality vineyards that fly under the tourist radar. These vineyards allow guests personal interaction with the winemaker, and the opportunity to sample the hard-to-find Italian small batch wines. These personal relationships form the cornerstone of A Toast to Travel experiences. The wonderful accommodations in Florence are five-star, the experiences are hand-selected and unique. Notes John: “The foods are carefully curated by our favorite chefs at the local’s top tables in town. Every aspect of the trip is luxurious and you’re in good hands with a couple that speaks the language, knows the area, and are friends with the locals.”

 Live Like a Local for a Week 

A Toast to Travel’s trips center around food, wine, sightseeing and of course simply soaking up the good life. The groups are small, ensuring good camaraderie and the ability to keep the schedule flexible to cater to the group’s interests and desires in the moment. 

A Toast to Travel celebrates all that traveling has to offer, bringing people together over fun and memorable experiences and creating opportunities for friendship. Hosting the trips is important to A Toast to Travel, having personally vetted each experience and venue along the way, providing an added layer of expertise so guests can live like a local. 

Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun
A Toast to Travel has announced the launch of two new travel experiences:
Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun and Tuscan Wine and Culture.


The experiences are uniquely curated with cooking and wine-focused experiences throughout Tuscany. Catering to travel enthusiasts, wine lovers, foodies and adventurers alike, A Toast to Travel is a one-stop-shop for those who want to truly live like a local but may not have the time or knowledge to experience a destination from a deeply rooted “insider” perspective.   A Toast to Travel offers curated travel experiences from start to finish, for a low-stress yet fully and expertly planned weeklong trip.

Watch the cooking video and learn all about the week long experience in the Tuscan countryside.
Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun 

Florence Landscape.jpegCustomized Itineraries offered
A Toast to Travel can help to extend any of their trips, and for groups of six or more they offer completely customizable itineraries.
We fulfill our mission by bringing together groups of people that love travel, wine, Italy and taking time to enjoy the lighter side of life,” says Natalie. All of the travel within the Tuscan Wine and  Cultural experience is done via Mercedes vehicles.

Itineraries and Scheduling Holiday trips and Tuscan Wine and Travel 

Call 314-495-5783

2017 in Tuscany

There are spaces open for the HOLIDAY TRIPS with a special rate of $3500 per person special (based on double occupancy).

Holidays in Tuscany   Trips in Tuscany
New Year’s in Tuscany   New Year’s in Tuscany

2017 in Tuscany
Three months, during  January – March  $3500 per person special (based on double occupancy), and the rest of the dates for 2017 at the regular rate of $4250 per person based on double occupancy). Call  314-495-5783. HTTP://




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