Invitation: Your business story in E-Magazine ~ Explore trending lifestyle news  2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/

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It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about.” Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw reminds readers and writers that stories reveal more than just the company name or products. Readers like to know the how and why of a business – the people behind the scenes: guiding, directing, telling.

Reviews and online E Magazine celebrates the first year of online publishing.  To celebrate this ongoing venture, businesses are invited to share their story about their growing business/products. Karen J Lee, Editorial Director/ Publisher, notes, “The top ten picks,” from those who share their stories, will be in the editorial mix of key categories.

“Creative choices in the good life, Lee noted,  includes categories of good life features, such as travel, beauty & health, style, home décor, the Arts, and Chef features of food/dining. Additional subjects are encouraged.”  Through the supporting partnerships, with new growth and expanding companies, businesses are encouraged in their  endeavors.  Special congratulations, in their efforts, helps to impact their new business growth.

Winners will receive national press coverage through Cision PRNewswire. Additionally, the selected articles include social medias: Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forms  of SEO (search engine optimization) locations. The recipients will be able to use the news-link to send to their email lists and business associations as well.

The top ten published pieces will be available for one year in the E Magazine, and positioned in the category of their business story. After one year, a  “membership,” opportunity becomes available as an advertorial member of  Reviews and Trends.  Press News

For consideration, send press release/story, including: the product, business, leadership, personal involvement, benefits realized by the consumer and accompanying details. And, most importantly, why and how the business was formed via your story telling, how it is growing and anticipated projections for the future. Media Subscriber News

Submissions to:
Karen J Lee, Editorial Director
Title the communications: The Top Ten
Partner: Cision –


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