Designer’s book release: A Cottage Affair

700 matisee viewpoint.jpg


“Leave everything behind. Go to the beach. It’s time.”

The daily grind. The ongoing demands. The endless assignments. You are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty that a sensual home can be.

Our homes are more than shelters, they are more than rendezvous points, they are more than a storage facility. Our homes define us. Your home defines you. It tells the story of your life: your journey, your collectibles, your passions, and your loves all under one roof. Your home is where you can surround yourself with your history and your dreams, where you can relive your past and renew your future.

This Guidebook was conceived over the years through my personal and professional experiences, as well as through the fruits and gems contributed by my
Cottage Design Guidebook friends from various creative industries including travel, interior design, fine arts, home furnishing and other notable retail stores.

I have sojourned through my long-treasured notes, articles, artifacts, and my storehouse of ideas. Here is my condensed product of creative interaction: an easy Guidebook to lead you room by room through the journey of refocusing your home décor to reflect the person(s) who you are – your history, your treasures.
I hope you enjoy your affair with the cottage lifestyle.
Karen J Lee

Table of Contents
Design I A Love Affair in history
Design II Living & Family Rooms – create open hearts
Design III The Fireplace Gathering – create magic
Design IV Kitchens of Joy – create homemade
Design V Bedroom – create rustic Lure
Design VI Bathroom – create crafter corners
Design VII Ambience of Porch – inspiring spaces
Design VIII Herbs & Floral – create poetic garden
Design IX Travel – weathered treasures
Design X Make a Guide plan
Design XI Your Expressive Colors
Design XII Palettes of the Seasons
Design XIII Spring fling
Design IXV Summertime
Design XV Exciting Fall foliage
Design XVI Season of snow
Design XVII The hunt for good Art
Design XVIII Planning: Guidelines to travel with you
Design I XX A gift from the Cottage – a treasure


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