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Top 20 Tips for 2018 Home Decor

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Author: Karen J Lee, award winning writer and artist releases “The Cottage Affair,” available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble online.

 The book explores the love affair we have with cottages. Key areas include: design for fireplace gatherings, kitchens of joy, rustic details, seductive bedrooms, the ambiance of porches, mini garden of herbs, and how to seek out weathered treasures to inspire the reader, and more.


Design I A Love Affair in history
Design II Living & Family Rooms – create open hearts
Design III The Fireplace Gathering – create magic
Design IV Kitchens of Joy – create homemade
Design V Bedroom – create rustic Lure
Design VI Bathroom – create crafter corners
Design VII Ambiance of Porch – inspiring spaces
Design VIII Herbs & Floral – create poetic garden
Design IX Travel – weathered treasures
Design X Make a Guide plan
Design XI Your Expressive Colors
Design XII Palettes of the Seasons
Design XIII Spring fling
Design IXV Summertime
Design XV Exciting Fall foliage
Design XVI Season of snow
Design XVII The hunt for good Art
Design XVIII Planning: Guidelines to travel with you
Design I XX A gift from the Cottage – a treasure

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 Award winning writer and international juried artist, Karen J Lee combines an inviting approach to arts and décor for the laid back cottage lifestyle. A palette of  top 20 how to features for getaway cottages introduces classic timeless ideas, with colors, textures and accents that motivate and inspire. Intertwined are travel destination art pieces, illustrated paintings and photography. She explores hunting for treasures,  choosing décor accessories to achieve a personal style, sparking  the readers’ creative juices.


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