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OUR READERSHIP: “ReviewsandTrends.com reaps readership and links of thousands through our comprehensive network. ReviewsandTrends E-Magazine is a valued partner. Additionally, the content on their site is original and has compelling content.”  MEDIA PLAN

Contact Editorial Director: , Karen J Lee     Leekarenj@msn.com  920-422-4263

ReviewsandTrends.com online news offers relevant, upscale lifestyle adventures, and news on preferred products. The viewer-friendly media gains original content from its online award-winning journalists and it’s partnership with PRNewswire.com .
Share content that’s published about “Your Story”  in Reviews & Trends. Promote and share with your followers and associates: on blog posts, in eBooks, and in Emails.
The on-line E Magazine site encompasses key categories, responding to the demand and need for specialty buyers and readers – they celebrate what the good life has to offer.  The categories include: travel, beauty & health, home & arts, vineyards & dining, and a library. A place to gather, sip your java and have the inviting, inspiring, news brought to you.  
  • Send your press release to Editorial Director Karen J Lee  R&T
  • Include two favored photos
  • Editorial guidance and editing provided
  • Design placement provided on your web page
  • Your story content will continue each month on YOUR page for the year and can be renewed annually with an update/additions annually
  • Throughout the year use YOUR page to send to inquiries, clients and preferred email list as an opportunity to share details of your product/service



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