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john-steinbeck Or, in the words of John Steinbeck: ‘Once I traveled about in an old bakery wagon, double-doored rattler with a mattress on the floor, I stopped where people stopped or gathered, I listened and looked and felt, and in the process had a picture of my country the accuracy of which was impaired only by my own shortcomings.‘”

The New York Public Library

On July 16, 1016, the New York Public Library made over 187K  Digital items in the public domain available for high resolution download.  EXPLORE.

“Read books. Write books. Share books. A circle of friendship is bountiful around shared stories. Good stories can change one through influence, values.  Chemical changes in the brain happen through stories. Read to children, read out loud, join a book club, let reading books embrace and change the world around you, and oneself.” K.J.Lee

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