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Color designing is a unique field that is constantly changing as new and varying tones offer inspiration for a room. The floor and furniture become the neutrals to work with, and inspiration for color coordinating comes in various forms. Commenting on experimenting with personal color choices, Rachel Skafidas, Brand Marketing/Color & Design Specialist for the Sherwin-Williams Company, shares some insights into color planning.

Rachael comments: “For example, selecting art for the home requires time and effort, and is an investment, so why not make the art pieces the main focus in selecting color preferences. Look at the piece, and ask what drew you into the inspiration. Is it the warm subtle colors, warm yellow, off whites, peach tones?” Rachael also notes, “Let the room be more personalized through color and accents, thus reflecting you.” http://www.dutchboy.com/colors/


She also encourages consideration of one’s lifestyle. “More and more people like to entertain in the home, and the goal is to have the room suggest hobbies and favorite pastimes. Because of home entertaining, more focus is given to making that space inviting and comfortable, with often more optimistic colors that suggest cheerfulness and a calming, relaxed setting,” she said.

The Sherwin Williams colors of the Dutch Boy collections are a beacon in selecting tones that weave and move together in a room. Sampler color harmonies are available at the paint stores, and are informative on how colors work together to maximize a collaboration within given groups of reds, greens, blues, browns, yellows and more. Getting harmony right, guarantees a soulful feature when including offbeat vintage pieces, tableware settings, table and chairs, and other personalized accents. The setting becomes a personal narrative, introducing light and touches of love, welcoming guests and a place of rejuvenation.  http://www.dutchboy.com/colors/choose/create/schemes/

Being organized and staying focused with great samples, pictures that inspire, and items that one has collected, make theTILE Vase of Sunflowers Karen J Lee .jpg color selection process an interesting and rewarding journey – especially with all the helpful color coordinated complimentary samplers available. http://www.dutchboy.com/colors/choose/create/groups/


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