Classic Christmas gifts keep on giving

Photography: Kohler

The Sandhill Cabin, Kohler, WI  Holiday Stay

Sandhill Cabin Fireplace

The Winter Arts Collection

KODAK Digital Still Camera
    Artist Exhibit at Pottery Barn           Artist Archival Prints $19.00


Property Brothers release new children’s book

Chef’s Food and Wine

Food & Wine Events                                     Martha Stewart


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KODAK Digital Still Camerakjl door county
Karen invites readers to “Enjoy your coffee time with Reviews & Trends where you will find news and notes about good life features for your home and your family.
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  Karen J Lee Editorial Director   920-422-4263


Karen J Lee, award-winning Editor & Publisher of magazines, introduces the online E-Magazine of  adventures and trending features. Additionally, the online Reviews & Trends E-Magazine has partnered with for outreach with the Industry’s Largest online Content Distribution Network. Lee notes: “PRNewswire complements our Content marketing with additional outreach.”


Art & Architecture News –  Designer decor features and news celebrates leading architecture development.  The decor arts compliments the exciting building structures expanding within communities, and the favored leading decorating to enhance these special homes.
Home & Gardening  – Decorating a home with themed photographs, prints, design objects, collectibles and antiques, adds individual personality.  Here the reader will find highlights on how to harmonize for favorite room settings with interviews from designers and master gardeners.
Health & Beauty explores some of the top options available in the marketplace, including behind-the-scenes advice on new skin care products and advanced procedures.
Museums & Galleries  – The endless travels to noted Galleries, and trend-setting Museums, bring to life our history and changing times. The features invite the reader to learn of the arts through the eyes of the artists and the creators.
Travel  – Get first hand experience on where to plan your personal getaway. Travel opportunities abound, and many new discoveries await  one’s dream vacations and weekend getaways in these newest releases.
The Chef’s Best  – Fabulous discoveries in vineyards and dining and at-home cooking entertainment. Meet award-winning chefs and learn of their savory selections.
The Library”  – Read books. Write books. Share books. A circle of friendship is bountiful around shared stories. Good stories can change one through influence. Chemical changes in the brain happen through stories. Read to children, read out loud, join a book club, let reading books embrace and change the world around you, and oneself.” K.J. Lee


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